Theory Classes

Theory classes are available for all grades and cater for beginner theory and composition to advanced harmony, counterpoint and orchestration. Music history and appreciation is also covered in the class.  

It is strongly recommended that students begin theory classes when, or soon after they start individual instrumental or vocal lessons. The classes take place in small groups, and are also available for advanced or adult students in individual classes tailored to their specific interests. Royal Irish Academy of Music and Associated
Board exams are catered for. 

Musicianship classes both enhance overall musical education and support instrumental and vocal lessons. These classes are designed to give the student an enhanced love and understanding of music to last a lifetime. Theory classes provide a solid foundation for understanding the language of music. By learning about scales, chords, and musical notation, you'll be able to read and interpret sheet music with ease, enhancing your overall musicality.

Theory classes foster collaboration and communication among musicians. By learning the same musical language, you can easily communicate your ideas and interpretations with fellow musicians, leading to more cohesive and harmonious ensemble performances. If you're studying a classical instrument, don't underestimate the power of theory classes!

Theory Class Grades & Times:

Theory Grade 1 - Wednesday at 15:45

Theory Grade 1 - Saturday at 9:30

Theory Grade 2 - Wednesday at 16:15

Theory Grade 2 - Saturday at 10:00

Theory Grade 3 - Wednesday at 16:45

Theory Grade 3 - Saturday at 10:30

Theory Grade 4 - Wednesday at 17:30

Theory Grade 4 - Saturday at 11:00

Theory Grade 5 - Wednesday at 18:00

Theory Grade 5 - Saturday at 11:30

Theory Grade 6 - Saturday at 12:45

Theory Grade 7 - Saturday at 13:30

Theory Grade 8 - Saturday at 14:15

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