Student Recitals

Newpark Academy of Music students are encouraged to perform in our bi-annual student recitals. Performing live is a fun and important part of music education. Here are the benefits.

Developing creativity

Imaginative play stimulates and challenges the brain, and encourages children to be innovative and broad-minded.

Developing confidence

Strategies to help you get up in front of an audience and present an idea are extraordinarily valuable in many areas of adult life, personally and professionally. Learning how to do this as a young person is a wonderful asset to have. 

Overcoming anxieties

The triumph of going on stage, performing a rehearsed piece successfully, and receiving feedback afterwards is one of the most profound and tangible senses of achievement you will ever get. It encourages aiming higher, overcoming more obstacles and achieving greater goals in future endeavors.  

Learning memorising skills

Working on your ability to absorb and retain information is something many successful entrepreneurs recommend for the success of professional adults, and performing live music is a rewarding and fun way to develop this.  

Social interaction and cooperation

Performing arts classes promote working as a team while also encouraging and developing individual talent - the best possible combination.  

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