Newpark Nippers

Newpark Nippers is a fun and interactive, parent & baby music class, designed to develop listening and motor skills.

Newpark Nippers beloved music programme was created especially for infants and toddlers up to age four and their parents or caregivers, the classes include singing, playing musical instruments, rhythmic movement and dance. 

You will both look forward to these fun-filled classes that will foster a love of music and dance and bring out your child's natural abilities. 

Classes run for 30 Weeks in total and are held on Saturday mornings. 

There is 1 class a week per age group and all classes are 30mins in length.  

Parents must accompany children in all of the four Newpark Nippers classes

Classes per Age Group

Newpark Maestros 3-12 months

Sat 11:20 – 11:50am 

Newpark Allegros 1-2 years 

Sat 9:20 – 9:50am 

Newpark Mezzos 2-3 years 

Sat 10:40 – 11:10am 

Newpark Crescendos 3-4 years

Sat 10:00 – 10:30am 

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