Music Technology

Course Information

The Music Technology Course introduces learners to the foundations of Music Technology through project-based classes taught by experts in the field. This programme covers the fundamentals of digital audio, mixing and producing music, sound synthesis theory and history, and an introduction to computer music programming. Upon completion, students will be able to demonstrate mastery of core music technology skills and how they relate to one another.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understanding the fundamentals of digital audio, mixing and production.
2. Understanding of sound synthesis theory and history
3. Ability to utilise computer music programming knowledge to create original works.

This programme is at a beginner level, however a basic prior familiarity with digital audio, synthesis, or programming would be ideal.

Certification: Newpark Certificate

Timetable & Details

Duration: 8 weeks

Dates: April 5th - June 7th

Day: Tuesday Evenings

Time: 7-9pm

Instructor: Shane Latimer

Skill Level : Beginner and intermediate 
Equipment: Computer

Course Brochure:
Music Technology Course Information (PDF)

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