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Letter from the Director

Welcome to Newpark Academy of Music!  We are grateful for the exciting opportunity to work closely with our local community. Our school’s vibrant South Dublin location enables us to take advantage of the urban, artistic vibe of this county, and it provides us with a wealth of opportunities to utilise the performance spaces and resources that surround us.   

Newpark Academy of Music’s faculty and community are at the centre of the most vibrant art scenes in Ireland and internationally, in Jazz, Contemporary and Classical music. We are proud to offer a number of programmes, including Musician in Residence, that assist our artists’ career development.   

Newpark Academy of Music is a unique space where both Arts education, performance and artist development takes place. Everything we do focuses on ensuring the best possible experience for our audience and community, and providing a truly unique education for each of our students. The programmes, classes, ensembles and overall opportunities provided will have a lasting impact on our students, and help to equip them with the resources necessary to be successful in all of their endeavours.  

As an administration and staff, it is our ultimate goal to make this crucial time in our students’ lives memorable and rewarding.  We aim to educate our students using a holistic approach. Expectations are high! Self-motivation and determination are encouraged and nurtured.  When our teachers, administrators, students, and parents work together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish as a community. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you.   

Grace Tallon  

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