Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Newpark Academy of Music celebrates the richness of our world by cultivating Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity, as we seek to inspire the creativity that nurtures great art, artists, and audiences.

The arts have a unique power to inspire, to bring people together, to help us all imagine different possible worlds, to illuminate and amplify diverse experiences, and to allow us all to build empathy and connection. As a cultural organisation, we are all leaders; this means we have a powerful responsibility to engage in the urgent, essential, and nuanced work to build a more equitable world for us all. We recognise that we have a special responsibility to do this work in ways that welcome others to join us, because fighting oppression and making change requires both leadership and broad participation.  

We commit to engaging in this incredibly important work with humility, commitment, integrity, accountability, patience (for ourselves and others), courage, and joy, because we believe that a world which acknowledges past injustice and builds authentic and meaningful equity into organisations and systems will be a richer, more vibrant, more powerful, and more just world. We believe in working toward this world, and that by pursuing equities, we will create a more just and inclusive organisation and community, open our institutions to more people, deliver more impactful arts and cultural programming, and become stronger and more resilient.  

We aim to encourage an equitable, authentic and fair environment for our students, artists, creative team, and staff.  

Each student, artist, staff member and audience member bring their own unique background to Newpark Academy of Music. We believe we will create the best possible creative space when we have the most diversity of thought, background and experience represented in every area of our organisation.

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