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gateway to music

Gateway To Music 1

Gateway To Music is a lively and enjoyable pre-instrumental course for children aged from 4-5 years. The aim of the course is to provide children with an introduction to the world of music, and to prepare them for the transition to instrumental tuition.
Set in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, activities include: singing, rhythm training, percussion playing, story telling through music, movement to music, note reading and writing, and an introduction to the various instruments. Pupils are grouped according to age, and classes currently take place on Thursday and Friday afternoons, and Saturday mornings. Class time is one hour, and each student attends one session per week.

Gateway To Music 2

Gateway To Music 2 is a continuation course for children aged 6-7. While many children progress from Gateway To Music 1 into the second year, it is also possible to enter directly into Gateway To Music 2. Pitched at a higher level than Gateway 1, this course includes all of the activities covered in the first year, and also includes basic keyboard tuition.

Progression to the Instruments

One of the aims of the Gateway To Music programme is to channel the child towards instrumental tuition.

On completion of Gateway To Music, each child is offered a place in an instrumental or singing class.

Instrumental tuition can take the form of paired, or small group classes (see Gateway To Instruments), or individual tuition, depending on the child.

Singing classes are allocated in our popular Let's All Sing programme; an enjoyable introduction to group singing in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere (see Let's All Sing)

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