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Berklee Track (Higher Certificate in Music)

Please note that from September 2017 the BA in Jazz Performance, currently offered by Newpark Music Centre will be renamed the BA in Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance, and will be accredited by DCU.

A key feature of this programme includes the continuation of an opportunity for students on the programme to transfer into Berklee College of Music in Boston (www.berklee.edu), one of the most prestigious music schools in the world in the field of contemporary music. Programme modules include Instrumental and Vocal Tuition, Aural Training, Ensemble Performance, Composition and Arranging, Jazz History, and Music Business.

Application to the programme will be through the CAO, with the audition/performance assessment, taking place on Saturday, 8 April  for September 2017 entry.

An aural/theory test is not required.  As entry will be by audition, this will be a restricted entry programme, meaning prospective students will need to have selected this as one of their choices when completing their CAO application in February – availing of the CAO Change of mind facility will not be an option.

Please visit the DCU website for further information: DCU - BA in Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance


The Higher Certificate in Arts in Contemporary Music (Berklee Track) is a foundation course designed both to give students a strong foundation in music and the opportunity to enter the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston. The course prepares the student for further studies as either a Performance or Writing Major. Using a curriculum aligned with that of Berklee’s, all of the subjects in the course are geared towards training young musicians to the highest international standards. 

Preparation for life as a professional musician

The Berklee Track focuses on giving the students the practical skills they must acquire in order to succeed in the professional music world. The course is comprised of an ideal balance of practical and theoretical studies designed to fully equip aspiring musicians for a career in both composition and performing. 

Preparation for entry to Berklee

As the title of the programme suggests, the Berklee Track is closely aligned to the curriculum of Berklee College of Music and it contains courses whose credits are directly transferable to the Boston college. Berklee College of Music has established an agreement with Newpark allowing students, upon successful completion of the Berklee Track course, to receive direct credits for equivalent Berklee music courses. As well as acquiring transferable credits, successful completion of the course also guarantees entry into Berklee College of Music without further audition. 

Preparation for entry into the BAJP

Successful completion of the Berklee Track can also make an ideal preparation for entry into Newpark's Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Performance. Students who successfully complete the Berklee Track can apply for entry into the later years of the BAJP, where the credits gained on the Berklee Track will be recognised. 

Fees for the academic year 2016/2017 • €5200