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Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Performance

Some elements of the course are present in all four years, while others take place only in specific years. Ensemble classes and instrumental classes are present in the programme from beginning to end - this reflects the intention of the course to provide a practical education for the aspiring professional jazz musician. Other elements take place only in specific years.

Ensemble Studies
The aim of these modules is to give the students the skills to perform in ensembles at a high professional level in the world of contemporary jazz. Through working in ensembles the students will be made aware of the techniques and traditions of jazz performance.

Arranging and Composition Studies
The aim of these modules is to introduce the students to the skills necessary for modern jazz arranging, and to allow them to be conversant with the history, ethos and techniques of jazz composition. The students will also be introduced to the use of computers as an arranging and composing aid.

Contextual Studies
These modules will help the student understand the history of the development of jazz, and its place in contemporary society. These modules  will also give the students an insight into the methodology and philosophy of teaching jazz. In addition to this, these modules will aim to make the student aware of the history of western classical music, and of the music of various cultures throughout the world.

Instrumental Studies
The aim of these modules is to provide the student with the instrumental and technical skills necessary in order to perform at a professional level in contemporary jazz. The student will be given information about on practice methods and goals, acquisition of vocabulary through the study of the master soloists, and stylistic interpretation.

Aural and Theoretical Studies
These modules will give the students a thorough grounding in contemporary jazz harmony and theory, and give them the means to understand that the theoretical and harmonic underpinning of contemporary jazz practice. In addition the course will give the students the techniques to hear and identify all the common melodic, rhythmic and harmonic patterns used in jazz and other musics.
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